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Product name : NVP-BHG712
Item : CR1165
CAS : 940310-85-0
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Description of:NVP-BHG712
NVP-BHG712 inhibits VEGF driven angiogenesis. In a panel of more than 40 in vitro kinase assays, NVP-BHG712 showed excellent selectivity. Only c-raf, c-src and c-abl showed moderate inhibition as judged from our biochemical assays. In cell based assays ED50 for inhibition of EphB4 autophosphorylation was found to be 25 nM and thereby be roughly 200 fold more potent on EphB4 than on VEGFR2. 

Theoretical analysis:NVP-BHG712
M.Wt: 503.48
Formula: C26H20F3N7O
Solubility: Unknown
Purity: >99%
Storage: at -20℃ 2 years
CAS No: 940310-85-0

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