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Product name : NSC 74859
Item : CR1157
CAS : 501919-59-1
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Description of:NSC 74859
S31-201 (NSC 74859) is a chemical probe inhibitor of Stat3 activity, which was identified from the National Cancer Institute chemical libraries by using structure-based virtual screening with a computer model of the Stat3 SH2 domain bound to its Stat3 phosphotyrosine peptide derived from the x-ray crystal structure of the Stat3 beta homodimer.S31-201 inhibits Stat3-Stat3 complex formation and Stat3 DNA-binding (IC50 =86 +/- 33uM) and transcriptional activities. Furthermore, S31-201 inhibits growth and induces apoptosis preferentially in tumor cells that contain persistently activated Stat3.

Theoretical analysis:NSC 74859
M.Wt: 365.36
Formula: C16H15NO7S
Solubility: DMSO
Purity: >99%
Storage: Storage at -20C 2 years
CAS No: 501919-59-1

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