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Product name : Tasocitinib(CP690550)
Item : CR1150
CAS : 477600-75-2
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Description of:Tasocitinib(CP690550)
CP690550(Tasocitinib) treatment of murine factor-dependent cell Patersen-erythropoietin receptor (FDCP-EpoR) cells harboring human wild-type or V617F JAK2 resulted in inhibition of cell proliferation with a IC50 of 2.1μM and 0.25 μM, respectively. Furthermore, CP690550(Tasocitinib) treatment of ex-vivo-expanded erythroid progenitors from JAK2(V617F)-positive PV patients resulted in specific, antiproliferative (IC50 = 0.2μM) and pro-apoptotic activity. 

Theoretical analysis:Tasocitinib(CP690550)
M.Wt: 312.38
Formula: C16H20N6O
Solubility: Soluble in DMSO at 10 mM,
appearance:yellow solid
CAS No: 477600-75-2

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